Photo: Tom Pollock, Annette Bening, Frank Pierson, Ellen Harrington, Alfre Woodard and Bill Horberg in Persepolis, Shiraz - March 2009. | Photo by: Hamidreza Pournasiri | Related post

Vicky or Cristina?

January 10, 2009
As a big fan of Woody Allen, I believe that Vicky Cristina Barcelona is one of his best movies. Specially after he changed his way of movie-making since Melinda&Melinda and Match Point. He is the best of telling stories about people and relationships and his movies' characters are real. They...More

Canaan, The City of Dreams

October 28, 2008
'Canaan' tells the story of a woman whose life seems to be boring and unendurable to her. She lives with her husband, who is about 10-15 years older than her, and with no kid. Also they are wealthy and live in a building in north of Tehran. But the problem...More

Sonata for a Good Man

December 5, 2007
‘The Lives of Others’ tells a story of a secret policeman and a playwright in East Germany, in 1980s. The policeman has been ordered to spy on the writer and reports his daily life. He began on spying and does it every day and night, but during this job he...More

In Love with Paris

September 2, 2007
Wow! ‘Paris Je T’aime’ was amazing. A collection of love stories in Paris should be an interesting movie, and in fact, it is. The movie contains several (sorry, I didn’t count them!) short movies by various directors with different characters. The only thing that has stuck these stories together is...More

Always a rat is left

April 6, 2007
I really enjoyed watching ‘The Departed’. It’s a great movie and I’m really glad that Scorsese got his first Oscar prize for this movie. He has made a very entertaining thriller that can easily attract you. Scorsese knows how to tell a story and it’s the most important thing in...More

There are no little secrets

January 19, 2007
Match Point tells a story about luck. At the beginning of the movie, Chris's voice talks about a moment in tennis, "There are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net and for a split second it can either go forward or fall back. With...More

Now Look!

August 12, 2006
As this weblog's name shows, I'm a Kubrick lover. He was a great director and artist. His movies are the best ones I've ever seen and the last of them, Eyes Wide Shut is his best work. This writing is about the first ten minutes of this movie. I wrote...More

What Lies Beneath

July 30, 2006
Caché (Hidden) is about a married couple who receive some mysterious packages containing videos. The videos are shot by an unknown cameraman of their life. It means some one is spying them and is threatening their private life. The man tries to find the reason and know who the cameraman...More

The Newsmen

April 29, 2006
'Good Night And Good Luck' is about a famous newsman named Edward R. Murrow who begins to fight with crazy Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1950s. The film is based on a true story and shows how Murrow and his colleagues in CBS television defeated McCarthy. It's hard to name this...More

Broken Hearts' Blvd.

March 31, 2006
'Fireworks Wednesday' (Cheharshanbe Soori) tells the life's story of a couple near the Persian's new year. The film begins with Rooh-Angiz, poor girl who lives in downtown and is a maid. She goes to a new house to clean but there are some problems in the air. Mojde is suspicious...More

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