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What Lies Beneath

Caché (Hidden) is about a married couple who receive some mysterious packages containing videos. The videos are shot by an unknown cameraman of their life. It means some one is spying them and is threatening their private life. The man tries to find the reason and know who the cameraman is. He goes back to his childhood and faces the wrong thing he had done in that time…

The plot is so similar to thrillers and action movies. But Caché is none of them. I mean the movie's real story is not about the cameraman and the videos; Michael Haneke – the director and writer – has made this great movie to say another thing. So at the end of the movie you do not understand anything about cameraman and his identity. The movie has another storyline that is about fate, sin and justice. Haneke's movie is about these things and he has succeeded to speak on them during the movie.

Juliette Binoche

Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche have played their roles well. Without them, without their eyes, I can not imagine the movie. They are great.

P.S. Caché is released in some theaters in Tehran, and if you live here I strongly recommend you to watch it. Do not miss this opportunity.

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I read a lot about cache and Hanekeh but we`re in Iran,country in which there is no copyright law and therefore we dont have a regular delivery system for cultural products..
In last 2 mounth I`m looking for it but I didn`t find it.I think only in tehran you can find the DVD and in other small cities we can not.
I will search again and again to reach the movie..