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To be or not to be?!

Yesterday I drew a cartoon for an English website about Zidane's headbutt on Italian defender, Marco Materazzi. In that cartoon I drew him while is doing the same act over the Fifa's Fair Play character, but some of the visitors have gone angry over my cartoon. They have written that the reason of this accident is the Italian player…

"He was angry at what Materazzi said and let him know it in an act of aggression. But we, who are so quick and assured in passing judgement, do not know what kinds of abuse Materazzi was hurling at him. Was Materazzi behaving according to fair-play ethics?"

There is no doubt that Materazzi did something unfair But Zidane's act is the correct answer of this problem?! I can't understand it. Zidane is a very good player and a hero in his hometown but he is not allowed to do this in the field. His reaction was a horrible act. Just think for a moment that everybody decides to act over wrong things in his way, then what is law for?!

*interesting: The Iranian conservative daily, Kayhan, has admired Zidane's act and has written that he has defended his Islamic identity!
update: Zidane explains | bbc
Zidane still a French hero, no longer a 'god' | CSMonitor

+ July 11, 2006 7:57 PM

Hamid Reza John, do you actually think headbutting* non-muslims, apostates of Islam, infidels, atheists and agnostics is a non-islamic act?
Those things are Najes, and it's better to hit them with a sword or some bullets, but at that moment did you see such weapon near the punisher?
Won't you kill/behead such things as Kaafars and Mortads islamically? Aren't you a Muslim yourself?

Zidane is a MUSLIM, isn't he? Don't you know what "MUSLIM" means?

this is not about Islam or any other religion, it's about a player named Zidane and what he did.