Photo: Tom Pollock, Annette Bening, Frank Pierson, Ellen Harrington, Alfre Woodard and Bill Horberg in Persepolis, Shiraz - March 2009. | Photo by: Hamidreza Pournasiri | Related post

The Sad Case of David Fincher

April 23, 2009
The sad thing about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is its director, David Fincher. I like the movie but when it comes from Fincher I expect to see more than a good film. It's the sad part, I don't see that Fincher who made Se7en and Fight Club in...More

Mad Men

January 31, 2009
In recent years American tv shows have been so popular in Iran. Friends, Lost, 24, Prison Break and Heroes are the most successful ones which you can easily find full series of them all over the Persian web-space. But Mad Men hasn't been a popular one yet, and I guess...More

And the City...

August 8, 2008
In recent weeks I’ve been busy with the Sex and the City tv series. I’m watching it on dvd and now I’m at the middle of season 5. At first, the most interesting thing on this tv hit, is New York. This city is a different one. Anytime I talk...More

A star is born

October 12, 2007
Some days ago I watched The Devil Wears Prada for the second time, and I just discovered a great actress whom I hadn’t seen at the first time. Emily Blunt, who plays Meryl Streep’s first assistant, is so stunning. She is so cold and stony at this role, and in...More

A Boy from Bronx

August 18, 2006
"Part of Stanley's legacy on my life is that if you believe in something, you passionately believe in something, devote yourself to it completely, utterly and don't apologize for doing it." - Nicole Kidman Today I watched 'Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures' the movie. I can just say that...More

An Iranian film in NY

May 6, 2006
Reuters: A witty Iranian film about four men who try to topple a big rock has audiences wondering about political allegory and hidden messages at a time of growing tension between Washington and the Islamic Republic of Iran. But the director of "Men at Work," Tehran-based Mani Haghighi, says sometimes...More

Angelina Jolie in Tehran

August 17, 2005
If you live in Tehran, you have this chance to see a big scale of American actress Angelina Jolie on screen! 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' has released in Cinema Farhang and every night at 9:30 pm you can watch an entertaining movie starring Jude Law and Gwyneth...More

Star Wars and Sin City

May 28, 2005
One of my friends who lives in United States has written about the last part of Star Wars series. He believes that the 6th part of these movies is a very bad movie, worse than an awful theatre named Rabe'e which we watched it together last summer in Tehran. [Is...More

A night with Halle Berry

April 1, 2005
g Last night I watched a horror movie named 'Gothika' directed by Mathieu Kassovitz and starring Halle Berry as a psychologist but I have to confess that it was a bad choice to watch! I didn't enjoy and the movie was not successful to attract me. A scary movie needs...More

And Oscar goes to...

February 28, 2005
It's the fifth time that Martin Scorsese's nomination doesn't bring him an award and he loses the Oscar match! Now he is one of the top artists who never got an Oscar directing prize like Alfred Hitchcock. This year was expected to be Scorsese's year but his Aviator with 11...More

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