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And the City...

In recent weeks I’ve been busy with the Sex and the City tv series. I’m watching it on dvd and now I’m at the middle of season 5.

At first, the most interesting thing on this tv hit, is New York. This city is a different one. Anytime I talk about New York - the city I’ve never been but I’m in love with it - I remind a phrase by Paul Auster who said, “A New Yorker is not an American!”
Anyway, I like to see stories in NY, like Friends. Besides, the stories about relationships, not sex, is the main reason that attracts me - and I guess, everyone. The 4 main characters are different from each other and they experience different situations. My favorite one is Samantha, not because of sex scenes that she’s expert on it, just because she knows what she wants. She knows her own desires and interests and does not waste her time on what she doesn’t like. But Charlotte can makes me angry in a minute! She thinks and lives traditionally and conservatively.

And the way Carrie tells the stories, has made them more attractive. I’m waiting to get Sex and the City’s movie to watch. I hope to see a good movie, and not a boring one like most of the films based on tv series.

+ August 8, 2008 12:59 AM

haven't seen the series, but i can say that the movie was awful! for me, nothing was interesting about it: neither the story, nor the acts, not even the characters...