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hello mac!

It's my first post using my macbook! you know, I always been a PC user and had never been in a new world named Mac! but I thought it's a good time to leave alone that awful Windows, and wall in an interesting world. right now I have a problem with my internet connection and use my desktop to connect the net, I guess I should buy a wireless modem for my macbook, also I haven't Mac version of my favorite softwares, like Photoshop, firefox and its lovely extensions, and an useful package like Office for Mac. Anyway, I'm happy to be in a new world, maybe a little hard at first, but it's going to be lovely and memorable! I'm sure!

p.s. I forgot to tell my big problem is using persian fonts in Mac, specially in photoshop and flash.

+ August 3, 2008 12:16 AM

Hey if you have some high speed internet connection, there is mac versions of almost every useful softwares we use commenly. or you can take some trip to PAITAKHT and search for softwares. i'll email some useful download links to you if i find some!! :D