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The archive of IRIB...

I don't know what the wrong is with IRIB's archives, but most of the movies and pictures coming from there, are different from their original version in quality and image colors. I guess there is not an awareness of the value of archive in IRIB (Iran's broadcasting company).
Last night I was watching a popular TV show in Iran on football - which is named "90" - and it was showing an old match between Iran and Arabia in 1996, but the image was in black&white and full of noises. The reporter's voice was like a guy speaking through a phone from other side of the world. And it was just a video coming from 1996, 12 years ago.

You know, in a country like Iran which no private TV and radio stations are allowed, IRIB has the greatest archive of images and videos. But it seems this company's archive department is not aware of its duty. And I guess it's impossible for anybody outside of IRIB to reach the archive files. The worst part is this.

Note. BBC gave the public full access to its programme archive couple years ago.

P.S. I wrote the same post in my Persian weblog and I received some interesting comments about IRIB's archives. So if you're looking for more read them.

+ September 2, 2008 10:04 PM