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Always a rat is left

I really enjoyed watching ‘The Departed’. It’s a great movie and I’m really glad that Scorsese got his first Oscar prize for this movie. He has made a very entertaining thriller that can easily attract you. Scorsese knows how to tell a story and it’s the most important thing in ‘The Departed’.

The movie is about two young policemen, one of them (Matt Damon) has been grown up by the head of gangsters and now he is his spy in police department. And the other one (Leonardo DiCaprio), who has come from a mobster family, becomes a police insider in mobster’s gangs. The entire story is about these two guys, and after the half time passed, they try to find each other. But you know, it’s just the top layer of this movie. I think that ‘The Departed’ is about the truth and lie, and the way we choose for our life.

At the beginning of the movie, Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) tells young Colin Sullivan (Damon), “A man makes his own way”. I think that this is the most important quote of the movie.

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But I don't think that a man can make his way just on his own.
There are so many other factors playing more important roles in your life that you can't take a breath even...