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In Love with Paris

Wow! ‘Paris Je T’aime’ was amazing. A collection of love stories in Paris should be an interesting movie, and in fact, it is. The movie contains several (sorry, I didn’t count them!) short movies by various directors with different characters. The only thing that has stuck these stories together is Paris… and love, of course.
You can not look at these kinds of collections as a unique feature film. The only thing that producers should do is to invite good directors, choose good stories and put every story at the right place.

But for me, the best part was Coen brothers’. They tell a story of a foreigner/tourist in subway, waiting for the train. He’s reading a book on Paris and looking around to know it better, suddenly his attention goes to a young couple, kissing and flirting in front of him. He stares at them and it makes the boy angry. At this moment, Coens’ genius begins to make a strange story! If you’ve ever seen their movies, you know what I mean. And Steve Buscemi is great at portraying the main character; in fact he is a master in playing strange roles!

Another story I liked, was ‘Quartier de la Madeleine’ directed by Vincenzo Natali, starring Elijah Wood. Wood is a young boy who is walking in a solitude street. Then he hears a noise and sees a female vampire drinking a dead body’s blood. He tries to hide himself and watch the scene, but in a sudden move, he makes a noise and the vampire finds him. But she (I told before, the vampire is female and so attractive!) ignores to kill Wood and sucks his blood…

These two stories are my favorites in this movie, but there are other good stories, for example that story of the blind boy and Natalie Portman or that one with Oscar Wild’s grave! I think ‘Paris Je T’aime’ is a good movie that worth to be watched. And at the end it can make you a Paris-lover!

+ September 2, 2007 9:02 PM

I loved all of the episodes. I want to watch the movie over and over again. Each part is a complete movie on its own and has its own merit. The only part I didn't like, or maybe didn't understand, was the Porte de Choisy (the Chinese barbershop.) What was that all about?! I also thought the first episode was a bit mediocre, or cheesy! The vampire and Coens' parts were hilarious!

Glad to have found your blog. I like movie related blogs and this will be a regular place to check from now on. Cheers.