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Face Off!

When I get depressed, I should change something to get better! Sometimes I draw cartoons, sometimes I begin to read a new novel or watch a favorite movie, or sometimes I prefer to change my weblog’s face!
I had this idea for more than 1 year; in fact I really like the style of English newspapers. Most of them have a special place for photos that helps the cover page to be attractive. I tried to make this page looks like a newspaper’s cover page. And also I tried to solve an old problem of my English weblog’s template; to highlight the updated section. You know, my English weblog has two main sections, Notes and Film Reviews. Anytime I write a daily note, Notes title will be colored and the Film Review will be grey, and if I write something on a movie, the Film Review title will be colored and Notes turns grey.

That’s it! I spent whole day on this and now I feel better! What do you think?

P.S. Oh! The header image will be updated as I find attractive shots.

+ August 30, 2007 7:56 PM

So, I wish you got depression every week!

چه خوبه این قالب جدید. همه چیش خوبه. به خصوص اگه عکسش تند تند عوض شه

پسند شد.

Looks good to me :)
now lie down on the sofa please,
so what is troubling you and why do you think you're depressed?

{this is the shrink talking in case you didnt get that part :D}