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The Newsmen

'Good Night And Good Luck' is about a famous newsman named Edward R. Murrow who begins to fight with crazy Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1950s. The film is based on a true story and shows how Murrow and his colleagues in CBS television defeated McCarthy.

It's hard to name this movie as a drama, because I think it's a documentary one. George Clooney, the director and supporting actor, has made his second movie black and white. He has used old and original pictures and movies of McCarthy in the movie, and making the other scenes in B/W style has helped it not to be separated in two pieces. He had a major aim to shoot this movie and I think it was showing the truth about Murrow. So, Clooney has left some things to reach this aim, for example the movie does not excite viewers and may be hypnotic for some.

But I think the major thing that has made this movie; a shining film is David Strathairn who plays Murrow. He is great in this role. 'Good Night And Good Luck' has been released in cinema Farhang, north of Tehran and if you live here I recommend you to watch this. It's a great movie that you should never lose it on wide screen.

+ April 29, 2006 7:09 PM

It's a great movie as you said but cant call it documentary cause obviously doesnt have any elements or components of a documentary...the fact that it's black and white and that it's narrating a true story doesnt categorize it into's still a feature.

I love this line by Murrow very much: "We're going to go with the story because the terror is right here in this room."

I think that's th gist of the movie and the truth about our lives! : "the terror right in this room..."

I have not seen this movie yet, but I would like to. The anti-communist inquisition in 1950's America, lead by Senator Joseph McCarthy, was a very dark chapter in U.S. governmental history! Those who battled against McCarthy's campaign of character assassinations were true heros!

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