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Broken Hearts' Blvd.

'Fireworks Wednesday' (Cheharshanbe Soori) tells the life's story of a couple near the Persian's new year. The film begins with Rooh-Angiz, poor girl who lives in downtown and is a maid. She goes to a new house to clean but there are some problems in the air. Mojde is suspicious that her husband (Morteza) has relationship with an alone woman named Simin who lives in their neighborhood. But Morteza denies this and tells his wife that she has imagined all of the things.

Fireworks Wednesday is the night before the last Wednesday of the year and in that day Persians does some fireworks (But in recent years it looks like a civil war!). The movie tells its story in that day. The most important thing in this film is the script. It has a very detailed story. The characters are familiar for us, because we see a lot of people like them every day. And another thing that is a shining point for this movie is that the main persons of the story, belongs to middle class families. In Iranian cinema we have few good movies about middle class society, and no doubt 'Fireworks Wednesday' is one of them.

The movie is directed by Asghar Farhadi, who has directed 'Beautiful City' (Shahr e Ziba) and 'Dance in the Dust' (Raghs dar Ghobar) too. He got the best director's prize for his latest movie last year in Fajr Film Festival. Hedie Tehrani, who is a popular superstar in Iran and plays Mojde in the movie, was honored as the best actress and Taraneh Alidoosti was thanked for her role as Rooh-Angiz. Hamid Farrokhnejad, Pantea Bahram and Sahar Dolatshahi also play in the film. If you live in Iran you have this opportunity to watch one of the best movies of recent years on screen and I strongly recommend it.

P.S. the post's title refers to a Persian novel written by Parviz Davaei.

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I like to ask some questions from a foreigner view about Iranian women and their rights in the society. This is because I had a course about Iran and part of the course focusing on women issues in Iran and most of my information was passed on watching movies about Iran.
I would like to know are women having their rights in Iran?
Can I judge Iranian situation from the movies? Are the movies discussing truth problems or not?
Do you believe in those movies as a way to express the Iranian problems?

I will be thankful for the answer because it will help me to understand different things about Iran.