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An Iranian author in jail

April 22, 2007
Update: fortunately Yaghub Yadali was freed today. Yaghoub Yadali is an Iranian young author who has written a very good novel named “The behavior of unrest”. This book got some important prizes and was among the best novels of the year, 2 years ago. The story happens in east of...More

Tresses in the Wind

March 23, 2007
Unfortunately some months ago a porn clip of an Iranian actress was released on net, cell phones and everywhere. And you know, in an Islamic country like Iran it can make a lot of problems, as it did. She had played in a popular tv series those days and this...More

Religious Posters

December 27, 2006
If you're interested in visual arts and graphic, you may have heard something about the World Award of Monotheistic Awards. This year the award belongs to poster artworks and about 7-8 months ago, the organizers of the award invited graphic designers from all over the world to send their artworks...More

The Cultural Thieves and Doxdo!

October 30, 2006
Do you remember my previous post on Copyright in Iran? That was about foreign movies, but Iranian artists and journalists have this problem too. You can find a lot of writings and photos that are being published everyday in newspapers and magazine, without the author's permission. During recent months, several...More

The fathers and the girls!

September 14, 2006
Today I finished reading "Funny in Farsi". Wow! It was great and is one of the best satirical stories I've ever read. As a cartoonist who works in a famous Persian satirical publication, Golagha, I've read a lot of satirical writings but I can compare none of them with this...More

Lovely Days

May 4, 2006
I love these days of every year because of two reasons. The first one is about the weather. In Tehran most of days are sunny and I hate sunny days, but in spring, especially May and April, it's cloudy and so great. The other reason is Tehran's book fair that...More

As a Cartoonist

February 4, 2006
As you know, I'm a cartoonist at first and then other things! So as a cartoonist, I wonder I should say something about the cartoons of Muhammad. But I prefer to link to my friend, Hadi Heidari's writing. I recommend you to read his article. [Instead of Caricature | Haditoons]...More

A Monster lives in NY

August 11, 2005
'Paul Auster' [website] is my new favorite writer! After reading 'Leviathan' and 'City of Glass' written by Auster, I recommend his books. He likes to begin his stories with strange accidents, for example in Leviathan explosion of an unidentified man is the beginning of the book and a writer who...More

Cannes Now

May 11, 2005
Today one of the most important film festivals in the world will begin and about 20 movies will compete to get Palme d'Or. This year's jury will be headed by one of my favorite directors - Emir Kusturica - and Abbas Kiarostami – famous Iranian director – is the president...More

Brad Pitt, Michael Caine, and something else!

March 5, 2005
g Do you remember my post on Paulo Coelho's last book 'Eleven Minutes'? I had written that the book is not allowed to be translated and published in Iran because of its story that is about sex relationships. But few days ago one my friends told me that the book...More

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