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The fathers and the girls!

Today I finished reading "Funny in Farsi". Wow! It was great and is one of the best satirical stories I've ever read. As a cartoonist who works in a famous Persian satirical publication, Golagha, I've read a lot of satirical writings but I can compare none of them with this brilliant story.

"Funny in Farsi" tells the story of an Iranian girl who immigrated to United States with her family. Firoozeh (the author and the narrator) speaks about her life in US and Iran and the way her parents face immigration. The most interesting parts of the story, is her father. He is not a funny guy at all, but his Iranian life style is not suitable for living in US and this makes it funny.

I don't know this book is famous or top seller in US or not, but Firoozeh Dumas has written it in English and published in America. Last year, the Persian version was published and now it is a top seller and popular book in Iran, whose people don't like to read books!

Anyways I recommend you to read it in Persian or English! And if you're not Iranian I should re-recommend reading this book, because it's a very good way to know Iranians, of course the real traditional ones!

+ September 14, 2006 8:12 PM