Photo: Tom Pollock, Annette Bening, Frank Pierson, Ellen Harrington, Alfre Woodard and Bill Horberg in Persepolis, Shiraz - March 2009. | Photo by: Hamidreza Pournasiri | Related post

Religious Posters

If you're interested in visual arts and graphic, you may have heard something about the World Award of Monotheistic Awards. This year the award belongs to poster artworks and about 7-8 months ago, the organizers of the award invited graphic designers from all over the world to send their artworks to this competition.

If you are in Tehran, I recommend you to go to Imam Ali's museum and visit the exhibition, but if you are not here you can visit this page to see all accepted artworks. Also you can find out of competition artworks.

P.S. the award's official website is designed and developed by me, what's your idea? Is it good?

+ December 27, 2006 12:11 AM

hi I'm french, please excuse my poor english ! I hate all the religious things (I think religions are only big sects who wants to steal our money and our mind)but i have to admit (I don't know if it's a correct word in english) that these artworks are really beautiful...I congrats (???is this word exists ? I'm not sure)you for the website, he is well-released ! I will finish by a sentence in French : Bonne continuation, et si tu viens en France, n'hésites pas à aller dans la campagne car à Paris, même si il y a de beaux monuments, l'air est pollué !

in safhe ye kam kadr hash bi rabte be khode safhe. ziad be ham nemikhore. oon ghesmat ham ke poster ha ro gozashti behtar bood be jaye in ke har bar ye poster ro baz koni va bebandi ye nexti chizi mizashti ke rahat tar binande poster ha ro bebine. in tori kasi ke mikhad hamasho bebine ya bayad hameye safhe haro baz kone ya bayad bebande dobare biare.vali kolan karao kheili doost daram. weblog hayi ke sakhti kheili khooban.