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This page is Forbidden!

It's very funny but I want to tell you that my ISP has filtered some words like 'thumbs', 'girl' and 'woman' with no reason! They think that these words and some websites such as 'flickr', 'photosig' and 'Corbis' are porn sites and sexy references, I guess!
I don't know what the reason is but some crazy men - of course unknown ones - have decided to ban the name 'Justine' and you can not reach this page! Parseek is a Persian search engine and contains nothing, just like google, but it was banned some days ago.

After 2-3 months we will have a new version of Internet in Iran, with no picture, no photo and nothing else, just a white page that warns you the page you have requested is forbidden. It's so funny but they are guiding us to heaven and we have no other choice!

+ June 5, 2005 1:12 AM

Hamidreza, I didn't know you would be updating so soon. I thought you were busy with exams. If you are going to update every day, I will have to visit more often. :) I am lucky if I update every two weeks. I spend most of my blogging time commenting at other blogs. :)

I hope that the Iranian government doesn't filter the Iranian blogosphere out of existence! I am curious, why did you decide not to put your name at the end of your posts?

Khodadad thinks I should write a new post. He is right, I have been a bit lazy. :) So, check my blog within the next several days. I will post something new soon.

Hi again, I noticed that your message about holding the comments for review did not appear. I assume you are still doing that?

what a nice weblog
"freedom is boring,censorship is fun"!!!!