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In Memory of Kubrick!

After 2 years blogging in Persian, now I present my English weblog: 'Eyes Wide Shut'!

Eyes Wide Shut is the last film by Stanley Kubrick, the great American director and my favorite artist. The first movie I watched directed by Kubrick, was 'Full Metal Jacket' (1987), an anti-war movie about American soldiers in Vietnam, and when I changed my Persian-weblog's name I chose full metal jacket. But, I think the best movie by Kubrick is Eyes Wide Shut (1999). The story is about a women's doctor (Tom Cruise) and his wife (Nicole Kidman) and their life. But this is not a simple family film; it's a master-piece about the relation-ship between humans.
And now, I want to name my English weblog 'Eyes Wide Shut'! (I think it will be similar to my persian-weblog, about movies, cartoons, books and culture.)

+ August 8, 2004 8:36 PM

Hooray!! congratulations on your English weblog :* It looks great and your English is really good :-? Keep up the good work :)

Oh and as for Kubrick, he's great and l've enjoyed all his works, my favorite is of course clockwork orange :D

congratulations on your English weblog , I will read it too ! good luck ,

Congratulations ;)

wow! great! congratulations dadashi :*

well done my friend weldone!!!!mmm why every body's commenting in english here?

actually chon inja ENGLISH mibashad!
Happy birthday eyes wide shut!
hala man sonat shekani mikonam o pinglish minevisam, vali khodayi khoondanesh kheily kam english ham hich kasi ro nakoshte ha! pas in hame kelas o ina baraye chi hast biroon? baraye inke weblog khoon ha o weblog nevis haye aziz ma beran yad begiran! ta badan nagan baba in weblogger ha ghad e ye bacheye 2 sale ham engilisi balad nistan!

khob hala begzarim!
be ghol e agha payam ba ye kam taghir albate!(albate ba ejazeye shideh!)
ma montazere 2 salegish hastim, hij ja nemirim hamin ja hastim!

albate ino faghat payam nemige, vali chon jadidan gofte, man ham goftam az ghol e payam begam!!

Dear Mr Hamidreza,
I am also one of the KUBRICK fans and really love him AS MUCH AS my eyes and i want to gather all movies he has made (i think they are 15)and i nedd some help and unfurtunately i dont live in tehran(i live in one of towns in khorasan).
contact me,i would be pleased to talk to YOU.

Congratulation! great ! First of all I want to say that the name u choose for your English weblog is very nice. As I'm one of the Kubrick's fans too. I like "Eyes Wide Shut" very much, as u said it's one of the best movies of him ( really a master-piece).
So I'll read your both nice weblogs :)

by the way I still didn't see "Full Metal Jacket" :(

hiiii dear hamidreza,I really enjoy reading your weblog! good luck and congratulations for your english weblog ! I hope It become as interesting as your persian weblog !!!

There's no contenting some people...and you're one of them...I enjoyed it so keep going man!

hamidreza whom i call him "hamidreza, the ladder" is a very talented guy and i respect his talents and works alot. i hope he can grow mentally but not physically(it's enough for god sake!!!) every day and we as his friends can see him in peaks of successfullness more than b4.