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spider-man 2Last night I watched "Spider-man 2". It was as good as the first film and I enjoyed it. The story and the script were written and directed well. You know making the sequels of successful movies is more difficult than making the first movie; But Sam Raimi has done it well. In fact this movie isn't a master-piece or memorable movie in history of cinema, but it entertains you and during the 127 minutes of watching you won't be bored.

The film begins with Peter Parker as a pizza delivery with a bike, trying to do his work on time but he is not successful and is fired. Then he goes to Dr. Otto Octavius, a scientist doing experiments to use the sun's energy. During a wrong experiment the doctor becomes an eight hand monster! On the other hand Spider-man is still alive and helps people. When Doc Ock decides to steal money from bank, Spider-man faces him and…
Peter is still in love with Mary Jane and unfortunately he cannot tell her because of his other personality, then he decides to kill Spider-man for ever and not be Spider-man anymore…

It was funny when there was no Spider-man and Peter was eating sandwich while policemen were trying to catch the thieves! As I said this is an interesting and entertaining movie for those who love comic books and special effects.

If you're living in Tehran, you can find the CDs of film everywhere and you can buy it for just 2$!

[film's review in BBC Films]
[official website]

+ August 15, 2004 2:58 PM

Yes, l definitely agree that it was entertaining and fun epecially for those who love comics, I included :D l hope that the next superman turns out as good as this one.

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Mobarake..Kheyli khoobe!
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