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'Hamoun' is a story about a Persian intellectual man named Hamid Hamoun who tries to solve his mental problems. On the other hand his wife, Mahshid, wants to leave him after seven years of their wedding. But Hamoun still loves her and does not want to let her go.

The movie is directed by Dariush Mehrjui, top Iranian director and one of three young filmmakers who begun the Iranian cinema's new wave about forty years ago. I believe that Hamoun is the Mehrjui's best work and one of the best Persian movies. The movie tells its story in a series of flashbacks and dreamy pictures. The film begins with one of Hamoon's dreams and continues while he is living without Mahshid. After that he tries to remember his memories to find the problem.

One of the most important points in 'Hamoun' refers to Abraham and Ishmael. Hamid Hamoun has an old unanswered question about Abraham and his reason to kill the son. Hamoun can not understand why a father should kill his boy. In order to reach the answer, he travels to his hometown to meet an old friend named Ali.

I love this movie very much and if I should to choose top ten in Persian movies, no doubt 'Hamoun' will be one of them. The movie displays a major period in the life of Iranian Intellectuals, after the 1979 revolution and during the Iran-Iraq war. The movie was made 1990 and Khosrow Shakibaei, Bita Farrahi and Ezzat Entezami are the players. I recommend you to watch this great movie.

p.s. some critics have named 'Hamoun'; Mehrjui's referring to one of the top movies by Italian director Federico Fellini.

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