Photo: Tom Pollock, Annette Bening, Frank Pierson, Ellen Harrington, Alfre Woodard and Bill Horberg in Persepolis, Shiraz - March 2009. | Photo by: Hamidreza Pournasiri | Related post

The Objection

December 9, 2005
Two days ago Parastoo suggested objecting this event and tomorrow, a lot of Iranian journalists and reporters are going to attend in a meeting at Association of Iranian Journalists' building. If you live in Tehran, I demand you to attend this meeting and if you work in a newspaper, website...More

The Hell

December 7, 2005
BBC News: An Iranian military plane with 94 people on board has crashed into a 10-storey apartment building in a built-up suburb of the capital Tehran. There was a huge explosion and fire in the building. Police said everyone had died on the plane and many deaths were feared on...More

The Fourth One

December 4, 2005
I have never read any book of Harry Potter series. It means that I'm not a Potter fan or something like that, but I don't hate him either. On the other hand, as a movie lover, I've seen all the four Harry Potter movies. Every story and its events have...More