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The Hell

BBC News: An Iranian military plane with 94 people on board has crashed into a 10-storey apartment building in a built-up suburb of the capital Tehran. There was a huge explosion and fire in the building. Police said everyone had died on the plane and many deaths were feared on the ground... The plane had been due to fly Bandar Abbas in the south-west of Iran. Passengers included more than 70 journalists and photographers sent to cover military exercises there... [more]

Reuters: "I was supposed to be on the plane as well so I don't know whether to be happy or sad," said a journalist from the ISNA (students' news agency) who declined to be identified. He said a colleague had called him from inside the plane before take off. "He said that the pilot didn't want to fly because there was a technical problem with the plane." [more]

NY Times: "The plane disintegrated and all the bodies are burned," Lieutenant Nasser Sedigh-Nia, who witnessed the crash, told AFP. "A young girl jumped from the window because of the flames. Most of the victims on the ground are women and children who were at home." [more]

What the hell is going on here?!

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