Photo: Tom Pollock, Annette Bening, Frank Pierson, Ellen Harrington, Alfre Woodard and Bill Horberg in Persepolis, Shiraz - March 2009. | Photo by: Hamidreza Pournasiri | Related post

Iranian Chocolat

July 24, 2005
'The Fish Fall in Love' is a shining movie and memorable Iranian film. It tells a story about a man named Aziz who returns to his homeland after about 22 years in order to sell his father's home and gardens. But when he arrives home, faces a restaurant which is...More

Arrested Iranian filmmaker

July 2, 2005
Farshid Faraji, an independent Iranian cameraman, who was arrested by the American military forces in Iraq,” is missing. Faraji, who entered Iraq on May 2nd 2005 with valid visa and proper documents to complete the filming of the documentary, “In Search of Cyrus, the Great,” does not appear on the...More