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You stole my story

'Secret Window' is about a writer named Morton Rainey who has published his short stories in a book several years ago and now is trying to write a new one. But one day a stranger knocks his door and calls him a thief, who has stolen the man's story and published it in his book. After that Rainey tries to convince the stranger - whose name is Shooter - that he has not stolen any story but the man does not accept it and threatens him to kill everyone in his life.

He kills Rainey's dog and burns his ex-wife's house. Rainey tries to solve this problem but he realizes that there is not any man named Shooter and he lives in Morton's mind. In fact Shooter means 'Shoot Her' and refers to six months ago, when Mort found his ex-wife (Amy) sleeping with another man in a motel. Rainey is Shooter and now he wants to kill Amy.

'Secret Window' is based on an novel by Stephen King named 'Secret Window, Secret Garden' and directed by David Koepp, one of the famous screenwriters in Hollywood. Johnny Depp plays the writer and in fact his performance is the best part of the movie. But the movie lacks the suspense, because the most important thing for a thriller is suspense and action. Anyways 'Secret Window' is still an entertaining movie with good music and actors which I recommend to watch.
Film is rated PG-13 for some sexual content and language.

P.S. I can not hide it that Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors!

+ March 16, 2005 1:30 PM

Definitely my favorite actor as well but this was not my favorite movie, in this genre the multipl personality dosorder has become a worn-out idea that directors are not lettin go of. Look at Hide and seek, ... they need something new, it's becoming too easy to predict ;)