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Yes, They can!

Wow! At least Obama won the United States' presidential election and now he's the 'Mr. President'. It just reminded me Iran's 1997 election, and the day Mr. Khatami was elected as the first reformist president of Iran. Women and youth people were the major supporters of Khatami, just like Obama. Those days were full of hope and change - which I don't hope to experience again here in coming years - but now, the Americans are feeling all the same feelings.

P.S. It's wonderful! Most of Iranian bloggers are so happy because of Obama's win. I don't know if this will change America-Iran relationships, but most of recent posts posted in Persian blogsphere are full of wows and congrats!
It's not usual at all! I feel so good of that.

P.P.S. What a small world we live in! I have a British/Iranian friend who told me today's election reminded her Tony Blainr's victory in 1997.

+ November 5, 2008 10:18 AM