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Dark Worlds

'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' is a great movie for kids. The movie is based on the famous novel of the same name by Roald Dahl and is directed by Tim Burton. Johnny Depp stars in it as Willy Wonka, the factory's owner.
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All the adventures and characters of the movie are based on the story by Dahl but Burton's Wonka is not similar to Dahl's. The Wonka made by Burton is has been transported to this movie from his previous movies. To be honest this character is so similar to Edward swissorhand; he fears people, live lonely, doesn't meet anybody and has a bad and dark memory of his childhood. Johnny Depp is the best actor to play as strange and odd characters and in this movie he has done his best.
I give it four stars out of five (4 / 5).

'War of the Worlds' is a story about a father (but not a good one) who tries to save his son and daughter's lives while unknown creatures have attacked the earth. These unknown and strange creatures that have come here from somewhere in the space, want to kill every human in the world. They do not like to communicate with us or abuse us as their slaves. Their goal is just killing every human.
The film is one of the darkest movies in cinema about the future of human. About thirty years ago, Spielberg made movies such as E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind about unknown creatures in other planets that like to be friends with us, but these years his movies is getting dark more and more such as A.I. and Minority Report. Where is he going or where are we (human beings) going?

I give it three and a half stars out of five because of its great special effects and not to make a hero of Tom Cruise who saves the world. He only wants to save his family.

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