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A good cop never sleeps

'Insomnia' tells a story about a famous detective named Will Dormer - Al Pacino - who goes on a mission to Alaska, where never gets dark in this season of the year. He and his colleague - Hep - are sent there to arrest a murderer who has killed a seventeen year old girl. But in a foggy day, Will does a great mistake and kills Hep. He tries to hide this murder but the murderer has seen him killing the cop...

The movie - based on a successful same name Norwegian film - is directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by two famous Hollywood men; Steven Soderberg and George Clooney. No doubt, Insomnia is a shining and memorable film in recent years; attractive story and script, fantastic directing and great actors with high level performance.
Pacino's role - Dormer - can not sleep during the story. He thinks that the problem is sun that never sets, but somewhere in the middle of the story, Hilary Swank - who plays a young cop - remembers Dormer an important rule; 'A good cop never sleeps while the case is not solved...'
Dormer is a good cop who has lost his way.

I strongly suggest you to watch this great movie with Al Pacino, Robin Williams (oh, I forgot him. He's role is very strange for him!) And Hilary Swank (she's been nominated for best actress Oscar prize for Million Dollar Baby this year) and enjoy.

+ February 21, 2005 8:52 PM